About us

Dimensions Institute for Knowledge Building (DIKB) was established for the qualitative development of human resources capabilities and knowledge systems to achieve the desired excellence in work. DIKB works hardly to provide the best services through professional ways and scientific methodologies focusing on the Basic, Administrative, Leadership and Technical Competencies. DIKB aims at contributing to the development of the organizational performance throughout the enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitudes depending on outstanding experts, trainers and academics.

  • Our Vision
  • To be the best and reliable option in knowledge and professional development according to the world-class standards.
  • Our Mission
  • To develop knowledge & professional capabilities using the best standards and practices depending on innovative and creative people.
  • Our Values
  • - Professionalism
    - Innovation & Creativity
    - Synergy

Our Centers


Dimensions Center for Knowledge Development

To develop, harness and disseminate knowledge using the latest methods and tools and depending on our innovative and creative people.


Dimensions Center for Assessment & Development

To provide psychometric test services for individuals and institutions, with our qualified people ,using the latest globally recognized methods and tools.


Dimensions Center for Technical Training

To provide specialized technical training services according to the best practices, internationally recognized approaches and through our excellent people.


Dimensions Center for Leadership Development

To develop visionary leaders based on best practices, recognized training programs and with our creative innovative people.


Dimensions Center for e-Training & Learning

To provide interactive and valuable web-enhanced learning and training programs using state of the art technologies that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


Dimensions Center for Managerial Training

To provide managerial and executive training programs that are essential to build the managerial thinking through our creative people and using the best methods and practices.

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Dear visitor, Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime through the following channels and we will be glad to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries.


Sudan, Khartoum, Khartoum North, Kafuri Area


+249 183 563 417/+249 183 563 418


+249 183 563 419

P. O. Box

7354- Khartoum (60) street


Dimensions Center for Managerial Training: manage-tr@abaad.sd

Dimensions Center for Technical Training: tech-tr@abaad.sd

Dimensions Center for Leadership Development: leadership@abaad.sd

Dimensions Center for Knowledge Development: km@abaad.sd

Dimensions Center for Assessment & Development: assessment@abaad.sd

Dimensions Center for e-Training & Learning: elearning@abaad.sd